Hi Folks,

this is a web site with pictures from all over the world that I shot during the last ten years. I initially had just a bullshit pocket camera and no clue about photography, so quality improves with newer pics, although I am still not a National Geographic pro.

At least, you can find here loads of wallpaper size pics for free from all over the world. I hope to encourage with this web site more people to show their pictures in wallpaper size. Web site space and the respectivte photographic equipment is affordable nowadays, and the whole world is full of tourists...

By the way: all pictures on this website are for personal use only. Copyright 2006 by Jrg Kahl. All Rights Reserved.

I UPDATED in Sptember 2009
Check out the new car and boat I bought in Monaco
I washed away all sins on my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
And trekked to the highest point of Africa, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro
Look at my daughter in a Chilean poncho and on a salt lake in central Turkey
Visit the Mediterranean world: Catalunya, Valencia, Cte d'Azur, Burgundy, Pisa, western Turkey

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